Cosmetic Dentistry in Medford, Oregon

If you don’t feel comfortable with your smile, rest assured that you’re not alone. However, many people might not realize that there are options available for them at their own dentist. If you equate the dentist only with six-month cleanings and dental surgery, think again: there are cosmetic reasons to make a visit, too.

Some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of cosmetic dental intervention. There’s no need to! There are plenty of easy options for improving your smile right here in Medford that will help you love the way your teeth look and feel.

What types of problems can cosmetic dental procedures improve? There may be more options than you realize. From repairing damage to brightening and whitening your smile, dentists can offer a plethora of available procedures depending on your budget and the health of your teeth. 

One routine procedure is tooth whitening, a quick and easy way to restore or lighten tooth color. Over the years, tooth enamel yellows as a result of normal activities such as eating, drinking coffee or tea, and smoking cigarettes. Though there are at-home options, they may not necessarily be as effective as an in-office procedure, and they take several weeks to complete. If you are looking to get a brilliantly white smile in a flash, consider talking to your dentist about a whitening.

Other damage that can occur because of an accident or simply over time includes enamel wear, cracking, and decay. These can affect both the inside and outside of teeth and cause people to feel uncomfortable about smiling naturally. But don’t worry – there are procedures to fix these issues as well. Your dentist can advise on which one is the best option for you and your dental health.

Other dental issues aren’t the result of damage. There are many people who don’t love their smile because of crooked, crowded, or unevenly spaced teeth or a misaligned bite. They might think there’s little to be done for these issues, which are the result of nature rather than tooth damage. Thankfully, there are options for these as well! Having a set of straight teeth will not only make your mouth more comfortable, but it will also give you the confidence in your smile that you deserve.

It’s always important to talk to your dentist before you decide what sort of procedure you want to have so that he or she can assess your oral health and help you decide what’s the best course of action for you. Many dental cosmetic options are relatively quick and easy and are considered routine, so often, you don’t have to worry about extended surgeries or long, painful recovery times.

You deserve to feel comfortable with your own smile instead of worrying about how your teeth look. If you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry in Medford, contact us to arrange for a consultation to decide what procedure might be best for you. Learning more about your options is the first step on the journey to a healthier and happier smile.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery Options

If you’re not feeling satisfied with your smile, you may be wondering what your options are at your dentist. Most people are not necessarily familiar with what cosmetic dentistry entails and feel nervous about the idea of extra surgery or painful procedures. Rest assured that there are many options that your dentist can address with you.

People may also express doubt concerning cosmetic dentistry because they look at it as a frivolous. But the truth is that there are oral health benefits to cosmetic procedures including decreasing or eliminating decay and reinforcing tooth enamel. While these benefits are wonderful, it’s also important to remember that you deserve to feel confident and happy about your own smile!

So what are some cosmetic dental procedures available to you?

If you want to repair teeth that have become yellow or have medium amounts of decay, you may be able to skip the drilling or whitening procedures and opt instead for an indirect filling. These are also used in place of fillings if the tooth is worn away and needs an alternative filling method to cover spots left by decay. These indirect fillings, also called onlays and inlays, adhere to the teeth and create a strong false enamel while blocking decay.

If you are seeking to correct crooked or irregularly spaced teeth or need a fix for injured enamel, dental veneers are one option. These are ceramic veneers that are manually glued onto your teeth by your dentist and are made to look like your natural teeth. They can provide additional protection for enamel that has been cracked or worn and provide a uniform, realistic look to teeth.

Some cosmetic interventions are more invasive than others, such as implants, which are false teeth implanted directly into the gums to fill in gaps and holes. Once inserted into the gums, the implants become cemented in place via the body’s natural processes. Your dentist can explain how this works in more detail and give you procedures for how to keep your mouth clean while your gums heal and grow. Another method for filling in gaps left by missing teeth are dental bridges, which have other benefits and complications attached to them.

The materials used in implants and veneers are often made of porcelain or other materials that are virtually indistinguishable in appearance from natural teeth. They adhere tightly to the surface of the enamel and provide a natural chewing experience, so you shouldn’t notice any strong difference after your procedure.

These are by no means the only cosmetic dental procedures available. Other options include corrections to gums and bites as well as alternatives to braces like Invisalign. With a  wealth of options available to you, you can speak to your dentist about what your best choice may be for reshaping your smile.

If you’re feeling nervous, remember that not all corrections include surgery and many are relatively quick and noninvasive procedures. Once you know all your options, you can decide what route you want to take to feel more comfortable with your smile.